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Water Pipe Service In Agoura Hills

The water lines into your home are incredibly important, as they provide all of the fresh, potable water you drink, clean with and wash with on a daily basis. When there’s a problem in your water line, it needs to be fixed immediately. The cost of replacement and the health risks of contamination are too great to ignore. If you live in the Agoura Hills area and suspect that you have water line problems, don’t hesitate – call Agoura Plumbing today. Our highly trained plumbers are available every day of the week to inspect and repair any water line problems you might have.

Water Pipe Leaks

While you might expect a water leak would cause a catastrophic flood in your home or a geyser of water spraying in every direction, most leaks occur slowly, over time, and are the result of corrosion, high pressure or roots getting too close to the line. If your water line is old enough, the metal itself might simply have failed and started to corrode or crack due to age. Fortunately, if you have regular maintenance done on your plumbing and inspect it regularly, most of these problems can be avoided. Obviously there are still times when unexpected problems will arise, and the key then is to know when to call for professional assistance.

Water Pipe Problems

There are a few ways to tell if you have water line problems. Most plumbing leaks can be detected by an increase in your meter readings or water bill. Damp spots in your basement, on the ground around your house or on the concrete of your foundation are all sure signs of a leak in a major water pipe. Pinpointing it exactly may take a professional, but knowing it is there is the first step.

Water Pipe Repair & Service

Water line problems can spiral out of control quickly, so it’s important to call us for professional assistance at the first sign of trouble. We’ll start out with video inspection to check lines for cracks or leaks so we can pinpoint the exact source of the problem for faster, less invasive repairs. We can also setup an annual maintenance schedule to ensure that future problems are avoided or repaired before they lead to damage in the water line. For water line service in the Agoura Hills area, call Agoura Plumbing today. From preventative maintenance to emergency repairs, our technicians have the training and tools needed to ensure you always have access to clean water in your home.

Water Softener Installation

It is recommended to have a water softener in your home, especially living in the San Fernando Valley. Having a water softener system in your home is important to the well being of your home's appliances, the pipes and valves. With the advancements in technology, newer systems now don't need salt. In fact, it has been discovered recently that the salt systems are bad for our environment. Here is an example of a water softener system using salt with a non-salt system.

Water Softener - Salt System Water Softener - Non-Salt System
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